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I travel a lot, so I’ve been in my fair share of hotels. They’re gorgeous and glamorous, sure. But what do you want to do after a long crazy and exhausting day? You want to go home!And trust me, fashion week is definitely one of those times. I’m so excited to have partnered up with HomeAway during my time in Paris for Haute Couture. My team and I were able to call this absolutely gorgeous flat home while we were in town. I felt right at home with my pink Solid & Striped dress and cup of coffee! In addition to staying in this HomeAway, we were also able to visit the HomeAway Eiffel Tower apartment, which was absolutely insane. HomeAway built an apartment IN the Eiffel Tower. It had an unparalleled view of the city, and my team and I felt so honored to visit it. So whether you’re traveling one city away, one state away, or even a whole world away, here are my top three reasons you should go home on vacation!


Some hotels have little kitchenettes, but what can you really do with a mini-fridge and a microwave? Staying in an apartment with an actual kitchen gave my team and I the freedom to go to the market and buy groceries for the week. We didn’t have to worry about hotel breakfast times or spending money on every single meal. While there are definitely some cafes that you have to visit while you’re in Paris, it was great to have the option to cook! Especially when you’re trying to eat healthier.


I wouldn’t say I’m an over-packer- I just like my options! And when traveling for Haute Couture Week, plus 24 hours in Rome and a quick trip to Morocco– I needed a lot of options! Staying in an apartment gave me and my team so much more space as opposed to cramming ourselves and all of our stuff in a tiny hotel room. Being able to hang everything and organize it all in a closet was a lifesaver.


Another great thing about staying in an apartment rather than a hotel is that you have more bedrooms. So if you’re traveling in a big group, you can all stay together in one place, plus you can all split the cost! It makes it so much more affordable in the long run. For a full tour of my Parisian HomeAway from home, check out my video here! And remember, if you’re going on vacation- go home!

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